Road to Redemption


Sunday mornings - 8:45 AM Sunday School ; 10 AM Worship Service | Sunday evenings - 5 pm Bible studies, 6:15 pm youth bible study | Wednesday - 6 PM supper, 6:30 pm children & youth activities, 6:30 pm adult prayer meeting

April 05, 2020

3:00 PM

80 Spigener Rd

Join us as we journey through the week leading up to Jesus Resurrection. His resurrection leads to our redemption purchased through the Cross. Our journey begins at the gates of Jerusalem as our Savior enters through while people lay palm branches down as an act of praise. We will have a Sader meal, visit with Peter and hear the testimony of a soldier who learned the Jesus was the Son of God. Then we will gather at the empty tomb where the body lay for three days and was gloriously resurrected and that resurrection sealed our hope. Look forward to seeing you there!