Bible Studies


8:45 am Sunday School ~ 10 am Worship

Attributes of god

To be able to do any kind of Bible study we must first have to know who
we are studying. There is no better way to know God than to study who
He is and His characteristics; Grace, love, and sovereignty to name just a
few. As we study, we will discuss some of the reasons why studying the
attributes of God is vitally important: Transcending Worship, Humble
Living, and Spiritual Maturity. The Bible will be our only textbook for this
class, and we will dig into it fully as we examine who our God is!
However, as preparation for the class, sources such as A.W. Tozer, Steve
Lawson, and our very own Matt Nixon will be consulted. There is no
higher subject than God, so let’s dig in ladies! I’m looking forward to
gathering with you as we learn together and develop a deeper
understanding of our Father!

Facilitator: Carmen Nixon 

Beginning 01.24.2021.

Class will be in the multi-purpose room in the Family Life Center.  

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Biblical Insights 101: The Jewish Feasts

As students of God’s Word it is imperative that we have basic knowledge
of Jewish life, manners, customs, and beliefs. Without it, the meaning of
many scriptures is lost to us, and therefore so is the application.
Join us in this first class of Biblical insight where we study the seven
Jewish Feasts and their relevance to our lives today. To better understand
the feasts we will:

* Become familiar with the Jewish calendars

* Study the foreshadowing of Christ throughout the Old Testament

* Discuss the differences in Biblical culture vs. American Culture

* Observe the feasts to the best of our ability that fall within our class

 This class is the beginning of several Biblical Insights classes that will
include: *Manners and Customs

*Women of the Bible

*Religious Influences
of Bible Times, and

*The Fulfillment of Prophecy through Jesus.

You will
depart each class with a better understanding of not only Biblical times,
but scripture as a whole.
Join us, and watch the Bible come alive in your life. 

Facilitator: Holley Collier

Beginning 01.24.2021

Classes will be in the Coffee Shoppe. 

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