Manhood and Christlikeness Are Synonymous

It is the man and not the organization that makes the ministry great. The ministry exists for the man and not the man for ministry. Men are always looking for better methods; however, while men look for better methods, God looks for better men.

Director: Tony Caldwell
Information: The objective of the Men's Ministry at New Home Baptist Church is:

1. To introduce men to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and to encourage a deepening commitment to Christ as Lord of their home, church, work, and relationships.
2. To help build a bond of brotherhood with a few other men to help them to develop personal spiritual growth, accountability, and vulnerability.
3. To develop sound Christ-centered priorities and relationships.
4. To challenge men on serious issues with which men struggle at different times of their lives, such as: marriage, fatherhood, money, work, selfishness, desires, relationships, leadership and others.
5. To help men grow spiritually in order to empower them to be role models and practice leadership in their family, church, and community. To nurture relationships among men which offer support, encouragement and healthy, positive social interaction.
6. To develop mature Christian men that produce strong families when they begin to guide, govern and guard their households. They also become pillars of support for their pastors when they serve their congregations actively, resulting in strong churches. Strong churches make strong communities and strong communities make strong nations.

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